Toyota・3 brothers, unified by the new Noah release to the Toyota sales 4 series Channel in all models heibai

Toyota,4-channel all dealers of all vehicle types intended reduction in 2020 5 a month to conduct. Initially 2022 to 25 years to achieve the target, the rapidly changing automotive industry responding to the movement of trying. Also new, the”car sharing business start-up plan to”just.

【Here】Toyota, the domestic sales channel integration, all models intended for 5 years ahead of schedule in 2020 in the spring of the implementation

Toyota,the 4-channel distribution network[Toyota store, Toyopet store, Corolla store, Netz store] to the same territory compete to allow you. For that sales channel and features, and find you,”minivan 3 brothers”like, the basics are the same but”slightly different”specification to each of the sales channels you have provided. It is the same territory in the customers that compete are competing in your.

However, shrinking the current domestic market,”local”characteristic of a sales strategy is more advantageous to the reality, or CASE by changes in the market corresponding to all vehicle dealers to the rental shop in addition sharing to expand the business that was targeted.

Narrow Market Regional features to capture the most sales strategy as the matching of the will. In particular CASE by the spread of car sharing is rationality, which is increasing. Also, the elderly drive how to replace it? Such as regional issues also seems to be different,each is a”service industry”of the present, to explore all shops,all models heibai of the known and seen.

“Toyota・New Noah”that by 2021 the summer appeared to be seen as,at that time, the Voxy, Esquire 3 brothers and the model of a single and kind. These 3 brothers are basically the same body and power plant, the exterior, interior items,equipment and the differences in the features to come.

Sound leveling, hands-free phone capability and music streaming via Bluetooth wireless technology, the”Voxy”is the young conscious individual,”Noah”is a family-oriented,”Esquire”is a luxury I had.

When the 3 brothers in these”which car will survive it?” And apparently”Noah Survive”seems. “Voxy””Esquire”of the 2 is discontinued that. This is what choose from but Noah is popular and the other 2 brothers alternative in personality and seen of him.

In the future, a unified”business talk”we set of from the sales of arms place. Respond to customer needs, the optional equipment to choose and how by showing changes in the not. Set options, dealer side of convenience more,These 3 brothers have to deal with all the you can arrange to have you would.

Also, the status quo is still a”car sharing”toward the”service industry”a shift in the field is consciousness, you is not like”car sharing”hate seems to have. That should be it, the sales man of sales incentives such as problem is,the dealership is the”failure of transformation”have been forced to seems.

The auto dealer sales expertise, rely on, and sustained services unlike the”Tusk are line-caught, sales of”methodology being pulled was like.

Service industry to convert to”human nature”to move the base to become, there are still many challenges and seen. [Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at]

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