Toyota・RAV4 has won the Japan Car of the 2019-2020 determined the expected SUV–?

12 month 6 days,”the 40th Japan Car of the 2019-2020″of the final selection meeting is done, the winning car is determined. The ranking and vote count came out as follows. The question is not,as modern means and seem to result.

【Here】Toyota・new RAV4, Toyota has given the”Dynamic Torque Vectoring AWD”is?

1st place: Toyota RAV4[436 points] 2nd place: Mazda 3 [328 points] 3rd place: BMW 3 Series sedan[290 points] 4th place: Toyota Corolla/Corolla touring [118 points] 5th place: Jaguar・I Pace[109 points] 6th: Jeep・Wrangler[56 points] No. 7: Honda N-WGN/N-WGN custom[54 points] 8th place: Mercedes-Benz・A-Class/A-Class sedan[53 points] No. 9: Nissan design Mitsubishi・eK cross/eK wagon[35 points] 10th place: Daihatsu・data[21 points]

Other awards.

Import・car: BMW 3 Series sedan
Innovation Department: Nissan・Skyline
Entry Department: Jeep・Wrangler
Mobility Department: the Nissan design, the Mitsubishi・eK cross/eK wagon

Japan Car of the 2019-2020 target of a car in 2018, 11 October 1 from 2019 year 10 month 31 Days,commercial premise in Japan, presented at passenger cars only. Been in the field from it should be,received cars to decide which would be difficult. Category is good and even seems. Sedan and SUVS only even aspires a little different, and this difference comparison is meaningless, but it’s not.

Also, luxury sedans and light four-wheel vehicles on the same playing field in comparison to that which is applicable definitely would not. However, each of the technology levels are comparable, but it’s not. Production also depends largely on the conditions in which difficult still. The journalists, not the users of the popular vote is more fair, but it’s not.

Prize car Toyota・RAV4 SUV in the currently popular field. Also, Toyota is marketing exactly thanks to popular, on the contrary the view point of the user, because the expert is no part of it may be. Also, selling price as compared to the Realized Performance is technically innovative or that are not professionals and can not be assessed part of the course.

100 years to 1 degree of the transformation taken in the automotive industry, the”car”of the evaluation criteria have to change the time is approaching to say that I would. [Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at]

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