Toyota and NTT are the capital Alliance,the group to challenge it? “In the foothills of Mount Fuji smart city business”

Toyota and NTT are 3 on 24, Interactive about 2000 billion investment,”Smart City project”to deploy and announced. Craftsmanship of the specialist and information of the representative Japanese companies join hands, the rice group, such as IT companies to challenge that.

【Here】Lead City Toyota is making! “Toyota Woven City”project announced

The group’s parent company,”Alphabet”under the”remote”such as leading in this field,Toyota, and NTT compete in that world. The first line is,self-driving cars in Toyota leading companies.

Toyota”Smart City project”as,Shizuoka Prefecture Susono in”Woven City[Your City]”to build in 2020, on January 1, have expressed. “Smart City project”and the whole city, the functions of the software center to be improved, and convenience to the residents they try. In the middle of the city, for example, the transportation convenience to incorporate the efficient functioning and”a rich life”and how to do things.

It is, in Toyota cars to”Smart City project”part of the function out, the initiative”the smart city business operators”that means. Namely,Toyota’s”Tier 2″to be prepared for that look. Tier 1 in Google and other IT companies are upfront in store,”big data”such as AI to grow the required data and holds from.

Automated driving technology development in the preceding line itself,the vehicle manufacturing company’s policy is not to like,such as Toyota automobile manufacturing industry is the first line of the”Tier 2″and survive, and this means that. However, the Toyota・NTT by the Union,the smart city of city to collect data・management platform[a Foundation]to build up that movement, the group that conflicts with shows that.

This is the Toyota ahead of the show that deviate from the”Tier 2″so that is not declared and that.

This automobile manufacturing and IT companies are combating,”manufacturing control program”, and quarrels with it, but this”they both coexist must be a relationship”of. That is, the car unit to sell from the business model,”the city of the living involved in the overall service”to sell to the business model have changed this in there….

It is, namely”manufacturing software”the combination of technology, increasingly of the software features you need as well, that would be the basis of the”manufacturing technology”is required, even”mass production technology”of the need is obvious.

City life for convenience, the”useful features”are expected to increase. “Useful features”is the human contact with the part of most manufactured goods is required, software is just a complete no. Human”food, clothing and shelter,”to make sure”things”replaced by the one, how much progress was”soft”, even if it’s to be useful”things”you need.

The cost of a breakdown is software and a high proportion of Will is,”soft and hard”of”integrated creativity”is required does not change. [Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at]

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