Toyota announces support for medical sites as a measure against new corona-production of protective masks

On April 7, Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Group companies announced support for medical sites and medical supplies following the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

The company will take various measures by taking advantage of the manufacturing and logistics know-how of the automobile industry and the global supply chain. Specifically, the following six initiatives are listed.

  • Production of medical face shields [protection masks] [planning to start production from around 500 to 600 units per week]
  • Cooperation to improve productivity of medical device manufacturers by utilizing the Toyota Production System [TPS]
  • Examination of support for transport of mildly infected persons
  • Procurement support for hygiene products such as masks utilizing the supply chain
  • Supply of equipment that can be used at medical institutions
  • Participate in research support for therapeutic drug development and infection control

Note that this includes those at the concept stage and those just started.

In addition, in order to prepare for the recovery of economic activity after the convergence of the situation, we will improve our own constitution while maintaining employment. In addition to working at home in offices and improving productivity in the manufacturing industry, the production sites utilize the time created by stopping or reducing production due to declining demand. The company will promote improvement activities and human resource development that will enhance its competitiveness in the future.

In addition, in terms of capital investment, R & D expenses, and required personnel, we will further improve productivity in the conventional domain to secure personnel, equipment, and funds, and to expand CASE support and improve user satisfaction. Shift to new priority areas.

The following are the three main initiatives in the office and technical workplaces.

  • Strengthening of network infrastructure and development of tools to support telecommuting
  • Establish work style reforms and work-at-home rules that help improve productivity
  • Accelerate human resource development

主 The following two are the main initiatives in the production workplace.

  • Improvement activities and human resource development utilizing the time created by the suspension and reduction of production
  • Production network maintenance and improvement activities integrated with suppliers

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