Toyota itself,SUMCO,Prince HD, such as/today the attention of the individual stocks

<7203> Toyota itself 7837 +85 negative. The exchange rate of the yen depreciation trend continues, the dollar yen is a temporary 1 dollar=112 yen rose,19 years, 4 months, since the since the depreciation of the yen to the level. A new virus infection of expansion slowed due to the risk on the flow of the background that is,in some parts of the economy to the impact of worsening Japanese sales of the movement say so. Either way, the export ratio of high Automobile Co., Ltd. depreciation of the yen by profit improvement effect is expected, the movement is ascendant. Incidentally, the company’s assumed exchange rate is ¥ 108 per set of the like.

<9416> Vision 1140 +25 resilience. Today,the acquisition of Treasury stock announced the implementation of. The number of shares outstanding of 1. 89%on the 90. 9 million shares,10 billion yen, and the acquisition period is 2 months from 25 days to 4 months 30 days. The new corona virus infection spread by inbound demand Outlook concerns amid,after the earnings announcement is lower for broader deployment, a low area is getting active implementation is also expected that,for the time being of the supply and demand of the underpinning factors that are attracting attention as deployed by.

<3681> Cube 766 +100 days of the top high. Since last year highs. The new virus of epidemic spread in the General meeting of shareholders, to assist the special delivery service,the online event・complete the possible live streaming service, including new initiatives to the succession, presented telework as relevant because of the increasing interest in the deployment have. The NTT Group, followed by NEC in Japan, employees with 6 million in unison telework implementation as conveyed, the support material to form to.

<2427> Software single 979 +28 restitution. The day before the 5-year medium-term management plan is announced. The final fiscal year 24 years 12 months ended of revenue is 8200 billion yen [19 years and 12 months ended 3612 billion yen],operating income of 65.0 billion yen [+15.5 billion yen] targets and. High growth targets good feeling that the movement is gaining ground. Also, a consolidated subsidiary, outsourcing, technology stocks listed on the preparations for the to start with announcement, the unrealized gain of the expansion it is expected the situation to them.

<3436> SUMCO 1967 +98 significantly negative. Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd. is the investment decisions to”neutral”from”Buy”Target stock prices 1700 yen from 2,400 yen to hike, the action・list to the new hire to have. The demand-side and supply-side wafer supply and demand is a sustained recovery phase was determined,the earnings forecast is revised upward. Next year,looking ahead to degrees of operating income is the market expected to more than 10 percent above the level and by. The market is medium-term wafer supply and demand of the improvement trend not been incorporated and noted.

<3861> Prince HD 567-30 significantly in the red. The dollar yen to $ 1=112 yen to rise,19 years and 4 months since the depreciation of the yen to the level. The strong yen merit and position with the paper industry, the seller of the material seems to have become. Moreover, Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd. is an investment decision”3″to continue, the target price to 650 yen from 620 yen lowered. New virus on the impact of China’s pulp market uncertainty is not significant pulp price reversal to incorporate too early, and 21 years and 3 months ended operating income of 1200 billion yen to 1,000 billion yen decrease.

<5706> Mitsui gold 2990 +69 negative. Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities in investment decisions”overweighted”in the continuation,target price 3320 yen from 3420 yen have raised. Infrastructure investment due to the increase in base station for high performance foils, an increase of 5G-related, including semiconductor shipments increased aspect of the ultra-thin copper foil to increase, 5G-related benefits that are expected. “Iron and steel non-ferrous sector 5G the benefit from the stocks”and the stock price of the UP-side is larger and seems to have assumed.

<3963> System hood 410-19 substantial losses. The plan was officially released today off-floor sell been carried out. The number of shares to 134 million shares in the distribution of the price of 418 yen,from the previous close 2. 6% discount as well. Per Customer 1 million shares to buy with a limit. Shares distribution of improved and liquidity and improve the distribution of the implementation objective. Recently the stock price is falling trend to strengthen, the disposal sales movements also quick to form, supply and demand deterioration is apparent that the situation has become.

<2181> Persol HD 1682-61 significant losses. In the 3rd quarter after the earnings announcement is the fate of the next tranche of seeking movements strong. Daiwa and Nomura, followed by today is Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities has a target share price 2700 yen from 2,500 yen lowered to. Investment decisions are”overweighted”to continue, the slowdown the impact is apparent,the feet in earnings growth is the landing to greet and judgment. Dispatch・BPO business,the business, and now・for the next fiscal year earnings forecasts downward even more. 《US》

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