Toyota Motor, Yuma Hattori carries V / New Year Ekiden

All-Japan business group opposition Ekiden [New Year Ekiden] will be held on the 1st of next month in 7 sections [100 km] starting from the Gunma Prefectural Office in Maebashi City. Asahi Kasei, aiming for the fourth straight victory, is the best candidate for winning, and Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. is equipped with Yuma Hattori [26] of the Tokyo Olympics Men's Marathon next year.

In September, MGC had the highest number of four players by team, and Hattori competed against the Japanese record holder Osako [28 = Nike] and finished second. Since Fujitsu lost in qualifying, only one player will be selected as the Tokyo Olympics national team.

Hattori interviewed in December and explained the current situation as follows. “For New Year Ekiden, we have come to a place where we can demonstrate our abilities in the ace section [4th ward] and the main section. I want to win the feeling that I can run for a long distance with that rhythm.I want to win Yuta and Inoue [Ohito] who have records higher than me in the marathon. Is also connected. "

Hattori's marathon personal best was recorded at Fukuoka International in 18 years, 2 hours 7 minutes 27 seconds and ranked 8th in Japan. Shita Shigaraki [27 = Honda] has the second place in the history of Japan for 2 hours 6 minutes and 11 seconds, and Daijin Inoue [26 = MHPS] has the fifth place record of 2 hours 6 minutes and 54 seconds.

Inoue won the section award in the 4th ward of the previous tournament, and Shitara has won the 4th section award in the past three times. If you win the two, the 4th section award will become dominant, and the team will be able to make a big progress towards winning.

Toyota has won the New Year Ekiden three times, but has missed the championship in 2 steps, 3rd and 3rd in the last 3 years. Hattori, who has been in the company for four years, has not won the championship yet. “The desire to win is getting stronger year by year. The Olympic year is an important year to test the world and how much you can compete.

Although Toyota attracts attention to Hattori, the thickness of its players can counter Asahi Kasei.

Taku Fujimoto [30] was 9th in MGC and finished 2nd in the top of the Japanese in the Fukuoka International Marathon in December. He was a speed runner who had won very well in school when he was a student. In New Year Ekiden, he has been appointed 4 times in the 1st district and once in the 4th district.

Captain Oishi Minato [31] had won a section award in the 5th and 3rd districts, and in the 17th year's competition, he had run out of 20 people in the 3rd district. Hideyuki Tanaka [29] showed the speed that exceeded that of Oishi on the track this season. He finished 2nd in the Japan Championship at 5000 meters and ran 13 minutes 22 seconds 72 on a European expedition. This record is close to the world standard Doha participation record of up to 0.22 seconds, ranking first in Japan this season.

Furthermore, Yusuke Nishiyama [25], who has been in the company for three years, can now be calculated as a force. Experienced Japan representative in the world cross country in March, self-new [13:49:03] in 5000 meters in July, Chubu business group opposition Ekiden in November made the new section and fast run in the 3rd ace section Continued.

These four people are the 1st and 3rd ward candidates and eat down to Asahi Kasei. Tanaka is a player who shows outstanding strength even in the headwind, and he also demonstrates his power in the 5th to 7th districts where the winds of Joshu are received from the front. Nishiyama is also confident in the headwind, so there may be a second half section.

The 15-year 16-year tournament, which Toyota Motor has won consecutively, took the lead in the 5th ward, and Tanaka in the 6th ward decided to win the 2nd consecutive section award. For the past three years, Hiroshi Ichida [26] from Asahi Kasei has won the 6th Section Award. In the 6th ward, the 6th to 7th players of the team are often appointed, and the thickness of the player layer appears.

Director Toshinobu Sato [57] of Toyota Motor said, “First of all, it is given priority to form the best members,” and “If you devote yourself to Asahi Kasei from the first half, you have the chance to go ahead in some section. There is a response. "

“I want to get a start at the Hattori Olympics by winning the New Year Ekiden”. Opening the curtain of the Olympic year with Hattori and Toyota.

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