Toyota shares were strong with China, new energy vehicles goal 25 years in 25%to raise Toyota has used just? (1/2)

The Chinese government is that by 2025,electric vehicle (EV)・plug-in hybrid vehicle(PHV)・fuel cell vehicles (FCV), such as new energy vehicle sales ratio to target of Traditional from 20% to 25% raise. In 2018, from 4% at a stretch ratio of increasing this plan,by 2035, new energy vehicle technology in the world of the reader to the purpose of seems.

【Here】China’s”NEV regulations”and Toyota’s HV patent Open cause? The automotive industry of the tectonic (3-1)

It’s tailored, such as Toyota China’s largest manufacturer”BYD”and jointly conducting research and development to establish a joint venture that announced,Toyota shares remain solid.

Furthermore, China’s energy policy as the current coal-fired power generation from nuclear power at the core of that plan, EV-environmental measures as set by the. And, Toyota, VW etc and lined as an industry, BYD China, such as corporate parenting strategy.

The Chinese market is the most advanced in the world, and”ride share,automatic operation,network,EV”, such as for the spread of the developed economies, like the conventional shackles, without a forward structure in place. This is the”automotive industry the nature of”related to that story.

On the other hand, the Japanese car companies, such as new energy vehicles popular, such as”restructuring”prepared to do the situation just. That is, the EV of manufacture the number of parts is less than half that, and even if the current supply chain can not keep up the expected from.

Currently, Toyota’s system maintenance is already a”new business model”towards the”restructuring have been reflected in the”and well said. Dealer series also change and,or rather the dealers that”from ownership to use”toward the direction of the”service industry”to change would be forced.

The auto industry transformation to a”painful”sure is,currently, the automotive industry is developing in China is existing infrastructure such as the”status quo”because there is no freedom in the future the ideal form to draw strength there.

This is a developing countries developed countries always have the advantage, and after the Pacific War to a devastated Japan’s economic growth was strong as well as you would. This recent book, some of the UK such as changes in the industrial structure and suffer and become.

China,in 2025 at the stage of new energy vehicles popular, along with the automatic operation achieved in 2035, in the battery, or FCV to be made good.

FCV is a”hydrogen society”and said that hydrogen refueling stations and other infrastructure is necessary, an EV charging stand no comparison to the 2-digit different capital investment is needed. Immediately, the infrastructure is in full swing can the country be advantageous to this is obvious. This from the social infrastructure of China in the Outback is also equipped with China as the hydrogen economy is a win-win would be.

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