Toyota, time and attendance for a cheap car rental in”commute assistant” 1100 yen from

Toyota is the 13th,The New corona virus infection by the expansion in the country go quiet is requested to during the medical institutions and public transport, such as social support in order to work for people as car hire discounted prices available in the”commute assistant rental”plan started.

【Here】Toyota, rental car service, and room number of classes reduced to simple

To use the service across the country, the store to the phone book or the store to go to book form. Reservation center or via the Internet for reservations is not going.

Availability is from 15 stores till closing time to depart,the next day of the stores opening hours from 10 p.m. to return to this. However, reference to any specific service or trade mark is not controlled by Sedo,departure time and return time is different, should be careful.

Rates are the base rate only for simple plan is 1,100 yen, liability only plan is 2,000 yen,safe Plan 2,500 yen.

One of the, at the time of the accident,rental insurance, but the deductible is raised. The deductible paid and even better, the disclaimer plan. Or secure plans,deductibles in addition to any NOC [non operation charge]of the payment obligations to the plan. NOC is an accident or theft, and damage, such as vehicle repair, cleaning, etc. is necessary, during this period, the sales compensation up to 5 million yen bear to do.

This commute assists the store, by available vehicle classes and ensure the number is different from model specification can not be. Dumped the bike and called the one can also be used for, Be sure to rent a store should be returned. Also the default hours to return to the regular rates charged.

Current hours of operation have shortened the store a lot, because if you use your telephone in advance confirm from your visit, so it will be better. [Article: Koizumi 嘉史・The article list to look at]

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