Trainers & Pokemon's bond tags and Pokemon's large collection gathers the exciting feelings of the "Pokemon" series figures


Trainers & Pokemon's bond tags and Pokemon's large collection gathers the exciting feelings of the "Pokemon" series figures

Series latest work "Pokemon Sword Shield"AlsoRecord a big hitThe exciting “Pokemon” series is becoming popular not only with lovable and strong Pokemon, but also with beautiful and cool Pokemon trainer characters.One Fest 2020 (Winter)However, there were also figures where Pokemons gathered together and those where Pokemon trainers and buddies were combined.

Wonder Festival 2020 (Winter) | Wonder Festival

Mega houseWhat I discovered at the booth was "G.E.M.EX Series Pocket Monsters Ghost Type Large Collection!". Scheduled to be released late July 2020, the reservation has already been closed, and the price is 11,000 yen excluding tax.

Pon the surprise box! There is a feeling of dynamism that opened.

Pokemon, Jupetta with grudge dwelling in stuffed animals.

Muma who surprises people and absorbs life energy.

A chandelier that quells the flames that absorb the soul.

Gengar, the main character of the Ghost Corps.

An unidentified Pokémon, mimiku, wearing a Pikachu skin.

Ghost-type Pokémon that look cute but have some habit. If you meet, there is no one.

In addition, the prototype of "G.E.M.EX Series Pokemon Electric Type Electric Power!", A collection of electric type Pokemon from the same series, was also exhibited. This is undecided for both price and release month.

Pikachu is indispensable for the electric type. It is crisp from the electric bag on the cheek.

Electric love coil absorbs electric shock.

Mynan (left) and Prasul (right) attracted like twins.

Denryu looks at her small Pokémons like mothers. Looking at the shiny tail …

Dedenne stuck a little.

Trainer characters have also been released from the G.E.M.EX series. "Mao & Amamaiko" is an animation "Pokemon Sun & MoonCute combination that serves as a signboard girl at the cafeteria.

A cheerful girl Mao who is good at cooking and kusa type.

Buddy Amamaiko is a Pokémon that has evolved together with Amakaji since childhood. He also worked as a waitress in the cafeteria.

KotobukiyaAt the booth, a combination figure that shows the bond between the trainer and Pokemon was exhibited.

The latest work in the Kotobukiya figure series, "ARTFX J Red with Lizard," reproduces a beginner trainer on an adventure. It is scheduled to be released in 2020, and the price is undecided.

"There is nothing scary when you're with your partner," and I don't see any anxiety.

Even small lizards feel somewhat dependable.

"Pokemon Center Original Figure Fuuro & SuvarnaIs the tag of Fuuro, who appeared as a gym-type gym leader in Pokémon Black and White, and his partner, Shiratori Pokémon Suvarna. Since it is made to order, reservations are required until February 21, 2020,Pokemon Center OnlineAndAmazonReservations are possible from. The price is 13,200 yen including tax.

“Futuro, the Buttobi Girl in the Sky” is a cheerful and bright character.

Suvarna, who adjusts his back to protect Fuuro, is just like a partner.

Similarly, from "Pokemon Black White", a guitar type gym leader Chamomile and his partner Emonga became a tag "Pokemon Center Original Figure Chamomile & Emonga". Here, the order period has ended at the time of article creation, and it is scheduled to be shipped around late March 2020.

Chamomile dressed in fashionable costumes and Emonga sitting on his shoulder.

Chamomile is a model in addition to the gym leader, and the proportion is outstanding.

"ARTFX J Iwork VS Pikachu" is a dish reminiscent of the famous battle of animation. Scheduled to be released around July 2020, price is undecided.

Iwaku overlooking a small opponent is dignified enough to be the first barrier.

Pikachu is a brave expression without fear.

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