Transcontinental rally from London to Sydney! What are the results of the three Porsche 911?

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When the rally actually started, the accident decided the ranking. Towing is prohibited by the rules, but it was allowed to help push the vehicles of other teams, and teams could cooperate with each other. A good example of this is when a Ford Cortina car #1 is in trouble as it passes through Turin, another team car pushes Cortina with the cushioning material in between to guide it to Belgrade where it can be maintained safely. Has been revived.

In Turkey, in contrast to vehicles rolling in the northern Arabian desert while rolling sand, the villages that stop by to refuel were welcomed, and drivers were served tea with buttermilk. What was totally unexpected for the participating teams was that tens of thousands of people were waiting for the party in Pakistan and India. Locals flocked day and night without knowing what was happening in front of them. While worried that people would be swallowed as they were, each team continued to run toward the goal. Fortunately, there is no record of an accident.

The 60-driver short break is on board the boat from Bombay to the west coast of Australia. In Australia, a fierce battle for the top stage took place at each stage, but the Scottish man Andrew Cowan and the English crew, who operate Hillman Hunter, and the English crew drove the stage for the remaining 4000km to Sydney, and won the championship. The winning team consists of three people, and the leader Cowan has continued to show strength in many long-distance rallies, and after joining several works teams, he has been involved in Mitsubishi rally activities since the 1980s. It was

What was the result of the Porsche 911 S? The Zasada/Vashovsky team completed the race with a poor braking, but due to a mistake in time management, they remained in 4th place. Hermann/Schuler is a 15th place performer despite being a privateer. The other privateer, Hunter/Davenport, has been forced to retire in Kabul after drawing a large amount of sand into the air intake. This hunter/Davenport pair of machines was shipped to Germany after completing its role in the rally. It was bought by a collector in Hamburg and kept carefully for decades, but one day it was seriously damaged by a fire. The Porsche Museum took this as a "special Porsche" and implemented the restore project, which will be delivered at another time.

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