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Transfer your existing PASMO card to "Mobile PASMO"-Engadget Japan

Engadget Japan

From today [August 28th], you can transfer your PASMO card to "Mobile PASMO".

To transfer, simply enter the number of your PASMO card in the mobile PASMO app. It corresponds to the transfer of "Named PASMO" and "PASMO commuter pass".

Some PASMOs cannot be transferred, and the breakdown is "PASMO without bearer" "PASMO for children" "PASMO with integrated type" "PASMO with a plan ticket and boarding pass" "PASMO PASSPORT".

Also, please note that commuter passes cannot be transferred to cards issued by businesses that have not issued mobile PASMO commuter passes.

"Mobile PASMO" is available for Android smartphones only from March 18th. We plan to support the iPhone within 2020.

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