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*09:00JST trapped playing【Record・column] The new coronavirus spread of the Chinese government to deliberate responsibility if there is a reasonable of the results–this year 11 months of the US election campaign for dominance in the fight was the Trump of the President from standing, even if such a comment. No,対立候補 the heights of haunts from.

This year 1 to mid-January U.S.-China trade talks are part of the agreement reached,at that point of his re-election is decisive and only them. But, the situation changes completely. Unidentified virus from China, East Asia, Europe and the United States will hit you. Trump initially,”American fine”and unfounded description of repeat,reassure the public and, the New York Fire hands around infected and Dead is sharply increased.

On the other hand, 2 months from the preliminary chosen by the Democratic Party the nomination of candidates for strife,3 months of super・groups through Biden former Vice President and Sanders Senator of 2 people squeezed into it. Subsequently, the viral infection is expanding in several States in the preliminary selection is made, the inferiority of Thunder he was forced to withdraw in…… However, the corona if the Thunder he didn’t give up on it. Biden says a big election activity, without even a nomination tempting for us.

Of 2016 Democratic candidates and Clinton former Secretary of state and Sanders and Mr. 2 who contested the final stage only one of the only,within the party on the deep cracks to the left. Sanders advocates of the belly do not Trump the voters to vote for you. However, this is at an early stage candidates have been unified for some to abstain, but 4 years ago, such a situation is avoided that prospect. It also Biden Mr. The favorable point like.
Meanwhile,Trump 10 years of the bull market collapse, a person in the incredible sight witnessing it. Infection damage expansion from economic measures to come up with another dud in the end. Then, the market panic by movement to converge for revenue uncertainty $ 2 trillion of economic policy in the. The Federal Reserve [the FED]to Fund such emergency measures together such confusion minimize.

However, the state of emergency Declaration and the go out restrictions, such as corona effects from the economic indicators published in the tables on. Jobless claims in 5 weeks 2600 million amounts to more than 5 months 8 announcement of the jobs data the unemployment rate is up to 2 units are also expected. Trump the economy and the normalization of the guidelines for publication, and the negative material sealed to rushing in. Thus, the corona and the ominous and Trump’s support of the right to vote for major issues there.

The future expected scenario, as the economy resumed after the infected people and deaths increases, the media is”normalizing judgment”and fuss to you. Biden said the opposition taking advantage of his position,Trump criticized the policies of that only, and your opponent is self-defeating for you. Normally it is advantageous if one of the incumbent candidates up for the presidential race is rare. Corona ominous vote of whereabouts greatly changed no doubt.
* They are also author’s personal view is,our view does not represent.

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