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Triangle Bag, a multi-functional business bag in Germany with a detachable laptop case-Engadget Japan

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Because it is used everyday, many conditions are required for business bags, such as design, materials, functionality, capacity, lightness and mobility.
And, all that has been cleared is the definitive business bag "Triangle Bag".

Developed by a well-known product designer and a long-established German "umbrella" manufacturer, the "Triangle Bag" is a gem that combines functional beauty.
An excellent item that can be used not only in the business scene but also in the casual scene.

The shape of the bag required depends on the scene. The biggest feature of "Triangle Bag" is that it can change the shape and capacity.

2IN1 type that business bag and laptop case became one. The laptop case can be easily separated from the bag body with the zipper. For example, you can put a laptop case in a suitcase and carry only the bag itself.

The bottom of the bag body can be pulled to make it thicker. Convenient when you want to increase the capacity or store thick items. Normally, it is folded and closed with a magnet, so it doesn't get in the way.

"Triangle Bag" is a convenient 3WAY! You can change from a shoulder bag to a backpack simply by changing the way the belt is attached. You can also use it as a handbag by pulling out the movable handle.
You can use it as a handbag when visiting a customer, a shoulder bag when moving, or a backpack when riding a bicycle.

* The through hole for the belt for the backpack is installed on the bottom of the laptop case. Therefore, this product cannot be used as a backpack when the laptop case and bag body are used separately.

The handle covered with silicone is a gentle grip. The point is that it is hard to slip.

The "Triangle Bag" is attractive because it has a smart shape but plenty of space. 13-inch MacBook Pro and A4 size documents can be stored as well as items necessary for commuting to and from school.

Inside the bag, there are pockets of various sizes to help store small items. It's a bag with a lot of depth, but if you use the pocket, you won't have to "find the key" or "difficult to take out your smartphone". Equipped with convenient functions such as a pen holder and key holder. There is also a zippered pocket on the back that is ideal for storing valuables.

I also like the tablet storage pocket inside the laptop case.

On a crowded train that commute to work or school, the bag is often pushed to such an extent that it collapses. The semi-hard "Triangle Bag" is safe. Protects the contents from external shocks.
In addition, nylon made by DuPont America is used as the material on the bag surface. It features excellent wear resistance and is resistant to scratches.

▲ Conducted a friction test with an electric sander at 900 rpm. No major damage was seen with only slight damage to the surface.

Shoulder bags, where the load is concentrated locally, may hurt your shoulders if you use them for a long time. The "Triangle Bag" reduces the burden on the shoulder by distributing the load to the waist and buttocks.

This is a nice point for sales people around the world.

"Kobold" launched by a long-established German umbrella manufacturer. The water repellent technology cultivated over many years in the field of umbrellas is fully utilized in the "Triangle Bag". The nano water repellent coating protects the contents of the bag from rain and liquids.

The handy type handle has two LED lights built in. It is possible to switch between constant lighting and blinking by pressing the button. It improves visibility from cars and bicycles at night and prevents accidents. Button battery type for easy replacement.
This item is recommended not only for business scenes, but also for children and students who attend school.

The "Triangle Bag" is packed with the attention to detail that only a long-established manufacturer can provide. Using carefully selected parts, it is designed to be used for a long time.

The "Triangle Bag" has a stylish design that overturns the image of a conventional and plain business bag. "I want to make a difference from the surroundings with a different business bag", "I want a fashionable business bag that fits a particular suit", a perfect item for those.
Not only for business scenes, but also for casual off-fashion. This item is recommended for women. [/ embed]

▲ In the business scene. The definitive business bag that combines design and functionality.

▲ Ideal for business people who commute by bicycle.

▲ For children attending cram school. LED lights protect night road safety.

▲ You can choose from a wide range of clothes from casual to formal.

▲ This item can be used regardless of gender or age.

◆ March 27, 2020 Crowdfunding started

◆ May 29, 2020 Crowdfunding end

◆ July 2020 Japan domestic delivery schedule

Q: What size laptop can fit in the laptop case?
A: MacBook Air 2019 model, MacBook, MacBook Pro 13, etc. [MacBook Air old model is not possible] In addition, it can be stored if it is 13 inches or less in size.

Q: How to change the belt when changing from a shoulder bag to a backpack?
A: There is a belt loop on the bottom of the laptop case. Remove one side of the belt from the buckle, pass it through the belt loop, and then connect it with the buckle again.
* If the laptop case and bag body are used separately, they cannot be used as a backpack.
* The belt loop is made slightly tight. Please note that this may be difficult for children and seniors.

Q: Is Japanese manual included?
A: Yes. I am attaching it.

Q: Is there a warranty period?
A: We have a warranty period of half a year after purchase. Regarding the malfunction of the product in the condition of use according to the instruction manual, we will repair and replace it at our expense.
* Intentional negligence and defects that occur when you check in with an airline / transport company are not covered.

"Triangle Bag" developed by the strong tag of German long-established umbrella manufacturer "Kortenbach & Rauh" and international product designer "Andrew Haythornthwaite".

● Kortenbach & Rauh [Kortenbach& Lau]

Royal warrant. It is a well-established German umbrella manufacturer with a history of over 100 years, and is widely known for developing the world's first folding umbrella.
"Kortenbach & Rauh" was launched as an original bag brand, "kobold". We have introduced a number of attractive bags with sophisticated functionality and sophisticated simple designs that can be used regardless of gender or age.

kobold is a world-renowned product that has developed functionality and design that leverages the umbrella development and manufacturing know-how. We have obtained numerous patents to date.

● Andrew Haythornthwaite

After graduating from RCA [Royal College of Art] in London, England, which is said to be the only art graduate university in the world, he is now an international member of product design in various fields as a member of OKAYstudio founded by a member of RCA. Designer Andrew Haythornthwaite.
Excellent functional beauty and warm design. We create attractive products every day.

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