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Trinity sells 39-price “ cost mask ''-Engadget Japan

Trinity, a manufacturer of accessories and peripherals that handles smartphones such as "NuAns NEO", has begun selling "cost masks," which keep the selling price at cost.

This "cost mask" is a three-layer filter that prevents dust and other contaminants from entering the product, and it is individually wrapped to provide a clean feeling. We collaborate with mobile phone manufacturers in China to manufacture in a clean room at the factory.

Usually, if you manufacture a product overseas, import it into Japan, and sell it in an online store, the cost of the product will be quite high. On the other hand, the "cost mask" is sold only at the product cost without accounting for these. It is said that no profit is generated on the Trinity side.

The price is 39 yen (43 yen including tax) per piece, and 50 pieces are sold for 2176 yen (tax included). Separately, the shipping fee is 495 yen per box, and 506 yen is charged for 2 or more boxes.

Purchase is limited to 4 boxes (200 sheets) per person per order. You cannot repurchase for 7 days after purchase. Also, limited to public facilities and medical institutions, we will sell up to 20 boxes at a shipping fee of 858 yen.


At the moment, the Trinity sales page is difficult to connect, and it can be seen that it is difficult to directly sell masks on our own e-commerce site, as with Sharp's masks.

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