Trump・the U.S. VS learning・Chinese 泥仕合 in stock prices crash again from

In the United States, the resumption of economic activity from the quiet continuation from high school to Trump the President in this calamity of someone responsible to take and other medical fields have. First seem to think like this,the welfare Secretary, is it more serious is that the brunt of the Chinese toward that.

【Here】Sell on the rumor emergency Declaration buy

Trump President, the new corona virus is the source of information in China’s Wuhan research Institute had spread from the possibility that there is a keen awareness, and in retaliation for China’s tariff suggests.

In the past,the US-China trade war on the stock market impact is enormous because it is a well-known fact that the beginning of the 2018 Year 7 month began in the United States of tariff measures on the back.

First, the United States is imported from China to the robot, such as about 800 item 340 billion dollars, equivalent to 25%of additional tariff measures applied to China’s retaliatory measures as soy, such as about 500 items 340 billion dollars worth of U.S. products to 25%of additional tariff measures were applied.

Furthermore, the next 8 month is imported from China semiconductor, such as about 300 items 160 billion dollars, equivalent to 25%of additional tariff measures applied,China is also not to be outdone,the automobile such as about 300 items 160 billion dollars, equivalent to 25%of additional tariff measures were applied was.

Then, the next 9 months on the 3rd of tariff measures to trigger. The United States furniture and home appliances such as about 5,700 items 2,000 billion dollars in tariffs 10% in China with liquefied natural gas, such as approximately 5,200 items, 600 billion dollars worth of tariffs to 5% [10%]but this is,of imported goods from China, nearly half from the United States imports 70% of the tariffs from that situation was.

This never-ending trade war in the background, the Dow average is 10 early January highs of 2 million 6,952 from the dollar continued to fall,12 month 6 days of Huawei founder and the daughter of the Vice-President was Meng night boat arrest after a 12 late of 2 million to 1,792 dollars, and 5,000 dollar decline that led to it.

Of course, this is among the powers of the 泥仕合 the global economy through the negative impacts were evident from this, the Nikkei Stock Average about 2 million 4,448 yen from 1 million 8,949 yen,approximately 5,500 yen decline in production.

As a result, the two sides walked by a stock V-shaped recovery was in 2019, this 泥仕合 is resumed, and the degree of the world of the stock clutches not to tear them apart.

The corona virus responsible for the whereabouts of China, which as early as the retaliation tariff’s have to Trump the President in this fragile situation under the trade war will resume if the stock price crash is spared would.

The International Monetary and economic policy efforts to naught all but one,corona-the shock of the attack over,No. 2 Bottom formation and that is enough to be on the alert for. [Article: 小林弘 Zhuo・The article list to look at]

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