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*09:00JST Trump thrashed? 【Record・column] The American presidential election in 4 months weak. The most recent approval rating survey,Trump the President and the Democratic Party nomination as a candidate for the formal decision to Biden before the Vice President to the big water and empty them. However, this study is the 4 years ago if Clinton prevails in advance of expected that out and,this time also not to.

The NY Times and Siena College 6 month late implementation approval rating according to the survey, Biden said 50%, and 36%of Trump significantly increased. Trump administration the new coronavirus infection to expand it downplayed as economic priority for the restrictive measures of relief and hurried to racism and police violence against the public opinion of the criticism in addition to the result. At the moment of the 14-point margin, the more difficult it seems.

However, it is. 4 years ago the previous elections and looking back, the vast majority of the media is”Clinton former Secretary of State leads”to a judgmental reward program. The end by Trump of his depths in both candidates of the”antagonist”is conveyed, but the Clinton dominance of the view is the last change. In particular, the NY Times is on the eve of the election newspaper’s support for Clinton is a 80%probability of winning and the reward for this is famous.

Indeed, the corona infected by the dead in the world 50 million by country, the top of the USA is 12 million more than reached. Infected persons also the world’s 1000 million people in the USA alone 250 million over 4 minutes of 1 to account for that situation. The economic blow to the most incredible, the unemployment rate 2 double shot up. At the end of the month to be announced 4-6 month term the gross domestic product [GDP] is a 1-3 month period of the previous fiscal year-year rate of 5.0%, from the drastically depressed, it is expected, the recovery is not clear.

The election system that factors in the economy, the Trump of disadvantage is whether or not to do. However, the CNN survey found 55 percent Biden says to vote and the answer was,of them 6% is Trump to criticism of votes actively Biden, Mr. favor and the respondents 4 divide the with the. The focus to the Vice presidential candidate on the Democratic Party from women and minorities choose to think of like,”Surprise”is over-whether remains to be seen.

2 February began with a preliminary selection by the Democratic nominee the fray, super・groups through Biden, Sanders Senator of 2 people squeezed in the spread of the viral infection in the inferiority of Thunder he is a 3 month withdrawal. At the earliest time point candidate is unified for 4 years ago, like within the party of the cracks is avoided. However, just as Sanders votes that Biden votes and is not likely.

* They are also author’s personal view is,our view does not represent.

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