Tsukaji Takemasa plays beautiful wife, Manami Hongami

The production announcement of Fuji TV series drama "Dad once fell in love" [11:40 pm on Saturday] starring actor Seizu Ozawa [45], which started on the 1st of next month, was held in Tokyo on the 27th.

A comedy played by Ozawa who plays a husband who has been revived as a man who plays Manami Hongami [44] and his beloved beautiful wife has passed away three years after his wife has been played by Takemasa Tsukaji [48]. Tsukaji, a beautiful wife's reincarnation role, said, "The manager told me" I'm a wife, "and it started out as to what she was saying. It was difficult but challenging. It's hard to act as a woman. " Hongami said, "What's really hard is that Tsukaji-san is too cute [laughs]. I'm desperate to steal so that I can keep up with my cuteness."

Ozawa said, "I'm hoping that people who are looking for me will be happy. This time, I'm going to do a serious idiot in myself. Tsukaji is a comedy professional, so I'm going to borrow my chest I'm doing it too seriously, so I'm so serious when I get home. "

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