Tsunku♂, producer of Nijou "Don Pisha"

Music producer Tsunku ♂ [51] said to me, "I think it was Don Pisha in the present age," regarding the method of Mr. Park Jinyoung [JYPark], the general producer of the nine-piece girl group "NiziU". Stated.

Tsunku♂ answered questions about idols from fans on Twitter on the 8th. When asked about Mr. Park, "I haven't seen it properly, but since it's pervading the world, I think that method and the way of creating the worldview were Don Pischa in this time and age. I'll try to read the song later." Commented.

In addition, when asked about the number of people in the group, "3 to 5 is best for expressing music, about 7 people if it looks good. But about 14 people if you show up, even if you get a sense of unison, it is a class "It's about a minute," he said, and he said, "In that sense, the large number of AKB people was surprised at first."

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