Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi "I'm so happy"

Singer / songwriter Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi [63] attended the opening celebration of the opening movie "The House of the Sun" [Director Moto Gonno] for the first time in 21 years in Tokyo.

At the end of December last year, he was absent from the stage greetings due to acute renal pelvic inflammation. Before returning to the venue, the venue was wrapped in a go call just like a live venue. During the hot call, when Nagabuchi appeared in sunglasses on a black leather coat, the return call changed. "I'm not at the concert venue. Think about it a little!" She said with a smile. The venue gave a generous applause to "I was worried but I was happy. I am very happy to meet everyone today."

I had been on a tour to enjoy movies and live since last October, but I felt strange during the tour. However, "I can't say whine," the tour survived with his own guts. However, he was hospitalized three days after the tour final. "The pain was terrible," he said, indicating that the pain was unbearable even with Nagabuchi. About two weeks of hospitalization was a visit rejection. The cast members and others were not able to attend, but smiled, saying, "The doctor in charge and the nurse have improved me. Thank you."

He said, “ I wanted to reconsider the subtleties of humans and human beings in me, so I was inspired, '' he said. I felt the power of emphasis and harmonization, and it was an ideal site and a happy site. "

He starred for the first time in 21 years, saying, "I had changed a lot in a good way since I was filming in the past," and said, "The casts have exchanged opinions from script writing. As a way of expressing what I didn't write in the script, it was all a collective work. "

The theme song "orange" was released on the 17th. "This was a song I intended to be a love letter to the performers and staff, so it was pretty fast," smiled.

In 2020, he also implied that he would be pursuing expression, including movies.

There is also the Tokyo Olympics in summer. Abebe and weightlifter Yoshinobu Miyake were the heroes at the last Tokyo Olympics. "I want to send yells to the players who have all their souls here," he smiled. He also appealed, "If light hits, shadows will form. Don't forget about the earthquake."

On this day, Naoko Iijima, Mayu Yamaguchi, Junhiro, Eita, Ryoko Hirosue, and Moto Gonno also appeared. When Nagabuchi put a canned coffee at the hospital at the hospital, he said, "It's not in the script. It was a scene that expressed something that could not be described in words, but Nagabuchi's gentleness and gentleness that women can not think of It was a scene. "

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