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The drink is called "Strawberry Ruby Chocolate Smoothie". Only in tall size, 630 yen without whip. If there is a whip, it costs 690 yen. Although it is a drink that is likely to be found in Tully's, it is actually only available at one store nationwide.Lumine Est Shinjuku onlyIt is (as of February 13, 2020).

Fortunately, my workplace is near Shinjuku. When I came up with "I want to taste it a little bit", I could stop by, so I drank the real thing.Why not sell this nationwide?When.

Delicious or masque is ultimately subjective, but this drinkDefinitely delicious guy── and I think. The sweetness is not too strong, the strawberry is not too sour, and the chocolate is not too strong. Everything is just right.

So there must be a lot of people who like it …why!の Is it limited to one store?Why only LUMINE EST store?と こ ろ When I hit the question directly with people in Tully's …

"Lumine has received a request from the person in charge,A drink born by chanceis. This time we are selling it on a trial basis.

The person in charge liked the Tully's "Chokorista" shake and was considering something exclusive to this store, but customers who come to LUMINE say that they like strawberries a lot With that in mind, Ruby Chocolate is also a boom and we devised this drink. ''

…… In summary,Request from LUMINE sideThere was, plusMany customers like strawberriesFor that reason, it seems to be trial-sold at the LUMINE est store.

Even so, the store limited menu may be decided by the tenant's staff's preference …"Are there plans to be released nationwide?"I guess.

I also asked about that. Here's the answer.

"We don't have any plans at this time, but looking at future sales,There is a possibility to consider"

──The possibility of nationwide expansion is not zero! Is this something you can expect and wait for …?

Some might think, "It's too positive," but I'm hoping I did. A few months or years later, people who read this article will think, "I miss the stores only. Now I can drink anywhere (laughs)."

・ Detailed data of restaurants introduced this time

Store nameTully's Coffee LUMINE EST Shinjuku
Street address3-38-1, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Lumine Est 5F
TimeWeekdays 11: 00-21: 30 / Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 10: 30-21: 30

Report:Yuichiro Kazusa
Photo: RocketNews24.


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