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Tumblr launches net literacy campaign. Targeting fake news and cyberbullying-Engadget Japan version

Tumblr has launched a campaign called "World Wide What" to increase user literacy on various issues on the Internet, such as fake news and cyberbullying.

The campaign, partnered with the UK non-profit Ditch the Label, focuses on six topics, including fake news, cyberbullying and personality. And the best way to deal with these issues is to talk honestly, and we will promote the necessary conversations between the Tumblr communities so that they are not unilateral explanations or education.

To do so, we first posted short instructional videos on six topics. He wants you to think and discuss based on this. And in the coming weeks, Q & A sessions by experts will be held.

The feature is that the six videos themselves are composed of Tumblr-like elements (GIFs, short descriptions, etc.). This kind of literacy campaign tends to be more stiff, but this might be acceptable to Tumblr users.


TechCrunch Tokyo 2019 will be held on November 14 and 15


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