Tuning the 910 Bull! CA18DET modified 1.9L is a quick specification of TD06-19C turbine | Nissan Bluebird Sedan SSS Vol.1

The 910 series, which made its debut in 1979, is the last FR car for the Bluebird, is one of the famous cars, and is very popular among enthusiasts.

The installed engine is a lineup of only 4-cylinder engine from the previous 6-cylinder and 4-cylinder, and 1.6, 1.8, 2.0L are set.

With a sharp and boxy body styling, it has been very popular since its launch as the reincarnation of the famous 510.

Like the exterior, the square design of the cockpit leaves a normal image, but the steering, meters, seats, etc. have been changed to create a Spartan atmosphere. The center console is equipped with a fuel gauge, boost controller and turbo timer.

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