Turtle stop sequel "Remo stop" released 6 hours played 10,000 times

The 26-minute short film “Don't Stop the Camera! Remote Daisakusen!” [Remo Stop], which is a sequel to the 18-year movie “Don't Stop the Camera!”, Will start streaming on YouTube from 6:00 pm on the 1st. However, at 6:30 am on the 2nd after 6 and a half hours had passed, the number of views exceeded 10,230 and 10,000.

After 5 hours, the number of playbacks at 11:00 pm on the 1st was 6469, which means that it was played back a little less than 3600 times in just one and a half hours.

Director Shinichiro Ueda [36] wrote on Twitter at 8:42 pm: “I have been eager to read my impressions for two and a half hours. My smartphone is getting hot. My wrist is getting hurt. I remembered. About time. " Produced for 3 million yen and called for reputation at an event screening held only 6 times in Tokyo in November 2017, after being released at 2 halls in Tokyo on June 23, 2018, it is released to 375 halls nationwide by diffusion via SNS Was expanding, and it seemed to feel the return of the "turtle-stopping" movement that had exceeded the box office revenue of 3.1 billion yen.

"Limo Stop" is a new virus by video director Takayuki Higurashi [Takayuki Hamazu], who led a shooting team that shot a zombie survival movie in one scene / one cut for 37 minutes set in the ruins of the mountains with "turtle stopping" I am forced to stand by at home due to the spread of the infection of Japan, depicting the current Japan where the spread of the new coronavirus can not be stopped. Higurashi was asked by both Sasahara [Donguri] and Furusawa [Shinichiro Osawa] producers to create a replay drama. It is a story that makes a promising proposal and challenges production.

Like the story, the production did not meet the reassembled turtle stop actors and other production teams with Director Ueda once, and received the image of the video call screen and the image of the actor taking a selfie with a smartphone and editing it. It is a "complete remote movie" that I made and produced. After announcing the production on the 13th, it was delivered in just 18 days.

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