TV Asahi Conference Takuya Kimura BG is also "less" than usual

The TV Asahi regular president's conference was held on the 30th at the same station in Roppongi, Tokyo.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the April drama was affected by the delay in the start date of broadcasting and the suspension of temporary broadcasting. Nishi Shin explained about the April drama that is currently being broadcast, "Since the shooting was suspended for about a month, it will end in July. It will be delayed for about a month." Regarding the July drama, he said, "I'll start from the beginning of August."

Regarding the drama "BG-personal guardian-" [Thuya Kimura-] starring Takuya Kimura, which started two months late on the 18th, it is scheduled to end at the end of July, "Normally 8-10 times broadcast However, it is less than that. I think that there was an adjustment [of the number of broadcasts] because I got corona while I was writing [screenplay]."

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