TV Asahi starring Akihito Drama "No change to broadcast schedule"

The news site "Bunchun Online" reported on August 22 that the actress Anzu [33] and the actor Masahiro Higashide [31] were separated, and their office in Higashide acknowledged the report as "almost fact." TV Asahi, which broadcasts the serial drama “Kage and Kenji @ Jurisdiction and Geographical Inspection at 24:00” [Thursday at 9:00 pm] starring Higashide, commented on the day that the daily sports coverage was “no change to the broadcast schedule” did.

Higashide appears in the drama in double starring with Kirita Kenta [39]. He is playing the elite prosecutor of Tokyo University. The first broadcast on the 16th was just starting with a rating of 12.0% .

Higashide's office faxed comments to the media after reporting on Bunshun Online. "I think it's something that caused Higashi's stupidity, immaturity, and lack of responsibility. No matter how he was blamed, there's no excuse." "I just suffered from regret and suffering. I'm sorry. "

Higashide and Kyou get married in January 2015 after co-starring in the 13-year NHK serial TV novel "Gochiso-san". A twin girl was born in 2016, and the eldest son was born in 2017. He had three children and was called a married couple.

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