TV Tokyo announces suspension of program recording, strengthens telecommuting

The TV TOKYO public relations department announced the suspension of program recording on the 2nd due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

The Bureau said, "Because of the spread of infection in Tokyo, we decided to take the following countermeasures in order to give top priority to the safety and prevention of infection of employees and related persons." And the interruption of the program recording principle.

According to the written statement, "We will strengthen the telecommuting system and start a system to continue the broadcasting business with about 20% of all employees going to work [excluding the press] in principle for the next week starting from March 3 tomorrow." Regarding program production, in principle, recording will be interrupted, and we will judge appropriately based on the situation after that. "" We have already assumed such a situation from last week and have taken measures, but from 3rd Into a business continuity plan [BCP] system. "

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