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Tweet including iPhone encryption key, Apple applied for deletion as DMCA infringement. Later withdrawal-Engadget Japan

The main tweet was Siguza, an iOS security researcher. He posted a tweet containing an encryption key that can be used for reverse engineering of Secure Enclave, which stores iPhone security information.
Two days later, a law firm that had a deal with Apple in the past sent Twitter a removal request based on DMCA infringement. In response, Twitter temporarily deleted the tweets.

After that, Mr. Siguza applied for the deletionTweets with "withdrawn"In fact, tweets are also resurrected. Apple also acknowledges that Apple has confirmed that the tech media Motherboard has applied for the removal and requested that the tweet be restored.

Separately from this, the overseas bulletin board Reddit also submitted multiple DMCA removal requests for submissions to sub-redits (communities focused on specific areas) discussing how security researchers and hackers jailbreak iPhones. I have received it. It's not clear if the user who applied for the removal has been identified and is Apple.

Over the years, there was no jailbreak app available on the latest iPhone. However, in September this year, security researcher axi0mx can jailbreak specific devices running iOS 13 (all models except 2018-2019)“Checkm8” (checkmate) released. Several weeks later, other researchersReleased full-scale jailbreak tool Checkra1ndoing.

Security researcher Pwn20wnd, who has been removed from Reddit ’s post, said, “Apple has completely lost control of the iPhone X and earlier models.” “So we spent time in our battle in a legitimate manner. "We are trying to waste money, resources and resources."

Apple will sell an iPhone virtualization product in August that says it can copy and test iOS perfectlySustained startup Corellium for copyright infringementThe trial is still ongoing. Security researchers are also criticizing lawsuits as Apple attempts to limit hackers' ability to discover iOS vulnerabilities.

Originally, a DMCA infringement application is a mechanism for relief of the weak so that the rights holders who illegally copy copyrighted works such as photographs and movies will not be further damaged. Nonetheless, large companies should not see articles that are not convenient for themAbuse cases are often reported.
Therefore, the Apple side should have known that the use of it was highly likely to attract public criticism. The uproar this time may be that you are so impatient.

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