Twitter tests new feature to label misleading tweets

On February 20, NBC News posted an image of a leaked demo feature on Twitter's new feature that labels Twitter's misleading politicians and celebrities with colored labels. A light-colored label that is about the same size as the tweet in question is displayed directly below the tweet, and below the label may be a journalist or fact checker tweet that points out the information error.Reporting. Twitter's approach to misinformation isFacebookIt is similar to the above, but it goes one step further in that politicians also make statements. Facebook does not send politicians' posts or ads to the fact checker. I think it's worth the news.

A screenshot of the leaked demo feature shows a bright orange label beneath the tweet of Bernie Sanders, who is fighting for the Democratic primary in the US presidential election. In a tweet, Sanders misrepresented that 40% of U.S. guns were sold without identification. Beneath the misleading label are tweets that mention Sanders referring to old, problematic data.PolitiFact22% of U.S. gun ownersIdentity verificationCites new investigations that had obtained guns without them.

A Twitter spokeswoman said in a statement to the US CNET: "We are exploring various ways to deal with misinformation on Twitter and bring more context to tweets. This is a mockup of one alternative design using community feedback. Misinformation is a serious problem. We are testing various solutions. "

In another demo, NBC News reported that users who provided important context to help people understand misleading tweets could earn "points" or "community badges." It also asks the user if the tweet could be "harmful and misleading."


Provided by Angela Lang / CNET

This article is from overseas CBS InteractivearticleWas edited by Asahi Interactive for Japan.

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