Twitter to support research to formulate “open and decentralized social media standards”

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey launched a small research team on Twitter to create “an open, decentralized standard for social media” on December 11th, It was clarified that the idea is to support the operation.

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“This team called“ bluesky ”aims to mitigate content-moderation issues faced by social media operators. bluesky will be a (software) architect, engineer, designer, and so on, and the team will be headed by Twitter Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Parag Agrawal. Proceeding, Dorsey writes.

“Why this is good for Twitter, we can focus on building open recommendation algorithms that access and contribute to a much larger collection of public conversations and promote healthy conversations, It also leads us in a direction that has to be much more innovative than ever, ”Dorsey tweeted.

同 社 The company is currently responding to unpleasant content such as hate speech and violence on Twitter, relying on user reports. So enabling anyone to build their own tools and alternative algorithms on Twitter can help with effective content management.

An open source social network already exists. For example, “Mastodon” allows anyone to build individual servers with their own rules. In this regard, Twitter tweeted, "It's not about trying to recreate what already exists from scratch."

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