Two Aston Martins with a total of 1275 horsepower exhibited at Tokyo Auto Salon

Aston Martin has announced collaborations with a wide variety of industries one after another. In Japan, we also have a booth at the Tokyo Auto Salon, where we showcase Aston Martin's first SUV model, the DBX, and the brand's fastest convertible, the DBS Superregella Volante.

DBX was developed as a luxury SUV that is easy to ride even for women, as is the case with Aston Martin with elegance proportions. The large leg space is secured so that even a large bag does not get in the way, and the design of the large car, such as the difficulty of getting on and off, has been carefully designed. The maximum output reaches 550 hp, making it a powerful yet easy-to-use one.

Light blue blends with the streamlined body, and the beautiful DBS Super Reggella Volante is also an eye-catching presence. Aston Martin boasts a powerful engine of 5.2 liter V12 twin turbos and a maximum output of 725 horsepower, despite its delicate atmosphere.

Aston Martin is also known as a bond car, and goods are sold at the booth. Both models cost more than 30 million yen, but of course you can also negotiate if you are enthusiastic.

In addition, Aston Martin is developing around the center of Hall 5 in the middle venue.

Tokyo Auto Salon January 12 [Sun] 9: 00-19: 00 Venue: The entire Makuhari Messe

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