Two "investments" to start with a bonus

◆Two investments you want to start using the bonus
It's a great time for office workers to get bonuses. Here are two “investments” that you should definitely start with the bonus.

◆Two money that you want to keep in case of depression such as Corona
Corona erosion has increased concerns about the future.

"If we could have vaccines and medicines, we could go back…"

Is that true? Certainly, if vaccines and remedies are available, the movement of people will gradually return and the economy will recover. But that takes time, and what happens when a second or third virus arrives?

I don't know what will happen in the future. You may lose your income, or you may not be able to work even if you want to work because you are out of work.

At such times, I would like to have "deposits and savings for 6 months to 1 year [money that can be withdrawn immediately]" and "power to generate money [money to increase]."

◆ How should the bonus be used?
Let's return to the main question of how to use the bonus.

If you don't have 6 months to a year of living expenses right now, the bonus should go to that money. According to the “Public Opinion Survey on Households' Financial Behavior [2019]”, the Central Public Relations Committee on Financial Affairs shows the percentage of households with zero savings as shown in the image.
Prepared by the author based on the “Financial Public Relations Survey on Household Financial Behavior [2019]”

Although there are differences depending on the age group, households with zero savings account for more than 30% to 40% alone and 20% to households with two or more people. I think that households with zero savings should make full savings deposits just in case.

"Cash and deposits" are the most reliable in times of recession. I think that there are not a few people whose income has dropped significantly due to the impact of this corona, but the household situation is completely different depending on whether there is a savings at that time. In case of emergency, I would like to secure 6 months to 1 year of living expenses with a savings deposit.

Those who have money at hand should use it for their "power to generate money."

◆ There are two main ways to increase money
There are two ways to increase money: broadly increasing the income of "yourself" and having "money yourself" work.

In order to increase one's own income, self-investment such as skill improvement, network formation and health promotion is necessary. If you improve your skills, it will be easier for you to produce results at work, and the salary of your base will increase.

Network formation leads to the acquisition of new jobs, and the results of the team will improve if fellows are found. For health promotion, you can continue to work without getting sick or injured, and you can continue to work even if you get old, so you can earn that much.

Making money work means to make money make use of financial products such as stocks, mutual funds, and FX. So-called investment. Investing can be a daunting task for beginners, but if you want something to start someday, it's a good time to experience the bonus.

Speaking of investment, many people think that they need a lot of money, but mutual funds can be started with a small amount of 100 yen. Don't hate without eating, start with a small amount, stop if it doesn't suit you, and continue if it suits you.

◆The self-investment used as a bonus is a "higher-grade experience"
As self-investment is accompanied by the word "investment", it is essential to consider the return if it is an investment.

For more information on the concept of self-investment, see the article "The key to surviving the 100-year era lies in self-investment." Check it out.

The fastest way to grow and get a return is to experience a higher level and soak up your body. An upgraded experience is, for example…

・Participate in business exchange meetings [including online] to improve self-presentation skills and connect with people who are superior to you

・Study abroad and enjoy cross-cultural communication while enjoying authentic English conversation [making overseas friends]

・Petite to a rural area to work and learn the perspective and way of thinking of work different from usual while learning the culture and history from the people and towns living in the area

・While traveling in museums and temples both inside and outside Japan, train your mind and body while learning the teachings of your predecessors

・Three days of entrepreneurship experience, learning from the know-how necessary for entrepreneurship while working hard with highly conscious colleagues, and applying it to the way of thinking of daily work

Such. Bonuses are an effective way to get a higher-level experience that you can't usually do.

◆ If you start a stock, choose from companies that sell your favorite products and services
Stock investment is one way to get money to work. If you want to start investing in stocks with a bonus, you should first choose from companies that sell your favorite products and services.

Rather than investing in a company that does not know what kind of business you do even if you know the name, if you are a company that sells your favorite products and services, you understand the product content and business So it's less risky than choosing a company that knows nothing.

The stock price rises with the growth of the company, but for the growth of the company, it is essential for the sales of products and services to grow. And the sales are supported by fans including you.

However, there may be times when you like products and services but don't know much about companies. In that case, you should collect information so that you can choose a marriage partner.

In the case of a marriage partner, "Is the feeling right?" "Isn't hesitant to spend money?" "Isn't hesitant on a female relationship?" "Personality of friends around me" "Reputation".

Selecting stocks for stock investment is the same. "Is it possible to support the corporate philosophy and future vision?" "Is there a track record and sales and profits are solid?" "Financial soundness is not a problem." "What kind of companies are our business partners and business partners?" "Voice of customers." is.

It's also important to be an industry that continues to be needed in the next 10 or 20 years. It is even better if it is strong even during a recession such as coronal bruise.

For example, medical field, health field, beauty field, security field. Medical care and wellness are particularly needed in the Corona Era. Medical care is not limited to pharmaceuticals, but includes medical devices.

The need to stay healthy, stay clean, and stay young will never disappear.

Equity investment is basically about investing money to support companies by staying close to companies that are expected to grow in the future. If you challenge yourself with the bonus, you may find that it suits you unexpectedly, let alone get the money to work. Experience is the greatest learning.

Sentence = Taiki Yorito [Money Guide]
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