Two points to pay with Apple Pay without mota

The public-private cashless campaign started in October 2019 was more than expected, and in November it was reported that an additional budget of 150 billion yen would be added as soon as possible. Since our iPhone also has a payment function such as "Apple Pay", it has helped in the campaign.

Although it is Apple Pay, it functions in a form that calls the "Wallet" application formally. If you register an electronic money or credit card compatible with Apple Pay, you can call it immediately from the lock screen, so you do not have to worry about making payments. In particular, if you register for Mobile Suica with an "Express Card", you can skip the authentication process, so you can complete payment just by holding your iPhone over the terminal.

For other electronic money and credit cards, Face ID or Touch ID or passcode input authentication is indispensable. Face ID performs authentication by looking at the iPhone, and Touch ID performs authentication by placing a finger on the button, but review the two settings to make the process proceed smoothly.

One is the side button settings. If you turn on "Double Click Side Button" in "Settings" → "Wallet and Apple Pay", you can call the wallet even if the iPhone is locked by pressing the button on the side of the iPhone twice consecutively It becomes. If this is off, you will have to unlock your iPhone and launch Wallet before you can use Apple Pay, so you will feel uncomfortable before the cash register.

The other is the setting for starting Siri. If you turn on the "Use Siri by pressing the side button" switch in "Settings" → "Siri and search", you can call Siri by holding down the side button, but double-click to call Wallet The danger comes up next to the danger of starting Siri. If you want to use Apple Pay smartly, it is safer to leave this switch off.

Easy explanation of operation procedure

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    1 Turn on "Double-click side button" under "Settings"-"Wallet and Apple Pay"

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    Two Go to Settings> Siri and Search and turn off the "Use Side Button to Use Siri" switch

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    Three This will prevent Siri from launching on double click failure when trying to pay with Apple Pay

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