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Two scents to choose! Skin and hair with fresh moisture and delicate shine in “Majorica Majorca Jerry Romantica”

Majo Majo's limited cosmetics!

Can be used for both skin and hair! Majo Majo Body & Hair Jerry"Majorica Mallorca Jerry Romantica"Appeared in limited quantities! Jerry blended with plenty of moisturizing ingredients and delicate pearls will give your skin and hair a fresh moisturization and give it a sparkle. There are two kinds of scents: Kinmokusei and Blue Rose. Try the scent and aura!

Majo Majo's body and hair jelly that melts the fragrance and aura and wraps your skin and hair

Not only the face, but also the items that are perfect for the fall and winter when you are concerned about the dryness of your body and hair,Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd.Comes up from the major makeup brand "Majorica Mallorca"! that name as well,"Majorica Mallorca Jelly Romantica" (2 types, 100g, suggested retail price 800 yen without tax, released on November 21, 2019 (limited quantity).

A body and hair jelly that can be used on the skin and hair, and contains moisture components such as sodium hyaluronate, pearl extract, and glycerin (moisturizing). She wraps her skin and hair with moisture and prepares it freshly.

It is also characterized by blending pearls. It not only moisturizes skin and hair, but also gives an aura like a veil of delicate sparkle from pearls.

You can choose from two types of scents: Kinmokusei and Blue Rose. If you put your favorite fragrance on your body and hair, it will be a good day.

In the packaged state, the scent of Kinmokusei is orange, and the scent of blue rose is a pale pink, but when you put it on the skin, you can hardly feel the color.

Wrapped in a dreamy scent, with shiny and fresh skin and hair!

Try "OR Kinmokusei's scent" as the main!

A cute package that tickles a girl's heart. The clear package allows you to see how much it is reduced!

A fresh, thick gel-like texture. A delicate pearl shines brightly.

First, extend it to the arm you are concerned about drying. A feeling that spreads smoothly and fills the skin with moisture.

For fresh skin with a freshness and a veil of light. There is no stickiness and it is easy to use.

The gentle and sweet scent is just like a goldfish. An enchanting scent that makes you want to smell it all the time.

If you put it on the neck or decollete, you can add the shine of fine pearls and use it as a substitute for fragrance. Even people who are not good at fragrance of honey, this is OK.

Next, apply it to hair that tends to dry. Especially the hair ends tend to be dry, so be firm.

It appears that the tip of the hair will become shiny and will also prevent split ends and cuts. It is easy to use as a hair treatment that does not wash away.

Every time you move, you can feel the sweet scent of Kinmokusei.

Jerry Romantica gives your skin a soft and fresh moisture. I liked the fact that it was not sticky even when it was moisturized and that it had a pleasant scent for a long time. Pearls are delicate, so they don't sparkle too much.

If you use it for moisturizing before going out or before going to bed, you should feel relaxed by the scent of a dream. Recommended for people who are not good at sticky moisturizing cream, those who want to wear moisture and fragrance at the same time, and those who want to keep their hair dry.

Purchase from drugstore, variety shop, online shop. Because the number is limited, check the people you want early!

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