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Type-C can connect to smartphones. 11in1USB docking station compatible with multiple monitors and 2TB SD card-Engadget Japan

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Magbac's new series that raised 4.4 million yen last time
Now you can connect to your smartphone!

Because it is lightweight, it can be connected to PCs, smartphones and tablets even when you are on the go.

◎ HDMI port × 2

◎ LAN cable port × 1

◎ USB3.0 port × 2

◎ USB2.0 port x 1

◎ VGA port x 1

◎ USB-C PD 87W port x 1

◎ SD port x 1

◎ Micro SD port x 1

◎ Audio 3.5mm port x 1

If you have this docking station, your laptop will be your main PC.

When using a notebook PC in the office or at home, it is troublesome to connect external monitors and storages one by one, right?

With this docking station, such complicated tasks can be eliminated.

If you connect the monitors used in the office to this docking station in advance, you can start working immediately with your laptop.

The SD card supports up to 2TB capacity, so you can save your data for work!

If it is HDMI output, the video is 4K compatible and you can use it on an external monitor with a beautiful screen.

And since it has two HDMI ports, it can be used as a triple monitor if the monitor of the notebook PC is also combined.
* DP port and HDMI port 1 cannot output simultaneously.

Support on the go for business and travel!
11-in-1 USB-C adapter hub with super slim and compact design.

The hot-plug and play 1000Mbps RJ45 port ensures a more stable, faster wired network connection and WiFi.

If an SD card or micro SD card is inserted in advance, it can be used as a recording medium.

With 2-port USB 3.0, you can connect USB flash drive, hard drive, keyboard, mouse, printer, thumb drive, USB stick, MP3 player, etc.

Access data synchronization speeds up to 5Gbps.

Connect the USB-C AC power adapter directly to the USB-C female port to charge while working or playing. Up to 87W power supply pass-through, up to 100W compatible.

* For use, the USB Type-C port on the PC must support video output signals.

1. Support USB-C input.

2. Support 2x HDMI female, VGA female, USB-C, USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, audio, SD card, micro SD card interface.

3. Support HDMI resolution up to 4kx2k @ 30Hz.

4. Support VGA resolution up to 1920x1080P @ 60Hz.

5. Any two of HDMI1 / HDMI2 / VGA can be displayed at the same time, and the resolution can be up to 4Kx2K @ 30H in any combination.

6. The total output power of the three USB-A is 7.5W [5V@1.5A], the data transmission speed is up to 5Gbps, and up to 1TB when connecting an external SSD.

7. Support 10/100 / 1000Mbps bandwidth.

8. SD and Micro SD compliant with version 3.0.

9.Audio port supports both microphone and headphone

10.SSD supports up to 2TB.

11. The USB-C female port supports charging MacBook or other USB-C compatible devices, power rate 20V / 5A [100W], as well as data transmission.

The rate of 12 audio ports can be up to 48KHz / 24bit.

13. Multiple USB-C interfaces support plug and play, hot swap.

The product price includes shipping to your home.

Q: Can I purchase anything other than GREEN FUNDING?
A: The sales schedule after the GREEN FUNDING period is undecided.

Q: Can you provide support such as how to use?
A: Our support team will support you with the GREEN FUNDING message system.

Q: What happens if it breaks down?
A: There is a one-year warranty from the manufacturer, so don't worry. However, the intentional negligence of the supporter is not covered by the warranty.

Q: Can I cancel after purchase?
A: I'm sorry, but we don't accept cancellation in principle.

Q: Is there any risk that we can not deliver after purchasing?
A: Preparations for product development and mass production have already been completed, but there is a risk that delivery will be delayed if orders are more than expected.

I often work only with this docking station, smartphone and external keyboard.
※ We use Galaxy S9.

If you have these three items in your bag, you can borrow only the monitor and enter text without difficulty, or reply to e-mail.

Especially if you are in your luggage while traveling, you can always take care of it.

Of course, even if it is connected to a PC, its performance will be fully demonstrated.

If it is connected to a notebook PC, it can be used like a desktop PC with multiple monitors.

The SD card also supports up to 2TB, so you can store most data.

It is a docking station that is light and multi-functional.

Please try its performance.

Shenzhen Baikerui Industrial Co., ltd. Has produced various products to keep the best performance of laptop / PC / smart device.

Since 2014, we have been dedicated to product design and research using the magBac brand.

The Type-C docking station and HUB items have been highly evaluated by customers.

We are committed to constant innovation and have continually worked to incorporate the latest technologies into our products.

We are always focused on docking station design and research.

Please enjoy a comfortable PC life at our latest Type-C docking station.

Bergler Co., Ltd. "Delivers smiles through wonderful products from all over the world"
A company whose mission is to do things.

We will continue to introduce products that will make our customers smile.

Thank you for your continued support.

Bergler Co., Ltd.

* If we receive the support of everyone who exceeds our expectations through this project and we can further improve the mass production system from the current environment, the regular sales price may be lower than the planned sales price.
* For products under development, the design and specifications may be partially changed.
* Delivery time may be delayed due to the order status, supply status of used materials, manufacturing process, etc.
* Parallel imports may occur. Please note that this may not be prevented depending on individual imports and sales channels.


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