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U.S.A., Rental delivery of theater-opening works to start on March 20. Home viewing options for those who refrain from going out-Engadget Japan

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To avoid transmission of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), we should not go as far as possible to the confined space where people gather. In Japan, the spread of infections in densely populated spaces like live houses is one of the pitfalls, but we also want to avoid crowded public transport and supermarket cashiers as well as live houses.

And movie theaters are another industry that has been affected by the new coronavirus in Moro. In today's cinema, there are many places that are not enclosed spaces, so if you take a seat at a certain interval, there is little worry, but it is also difficult to make your feet difficult to face considering prevention. So U.S. film production and distribution company Universal has announced that it will release theatrical movies for rent and release at the same time. This measure will be available for 48 hours rental for $ 19.99 per movie starting March 20, even if the movie is currently in theaters.

At the time of the announcement, three works were included: "The Hunt," "Invisible Man," and "Emma." It will be available on "the most popular on-demand services" and will probably include services such as iTunes and Amazon Prime Video.

NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell said, "Rather than thinking about forcing or delaying the release of a new movie in a problematic situation, it's an option to get people at home closer to the movie and watch it. I wanted to provide. " Still, Shell says, "The real intention is to see these works in the theater and I think that it is possible, but I understand the situation where it is becoming increasingly impossible everywhere in the world." And commented.

The title "Trolls Music ★ Power" is listed as a work that will be available for rental from the first day, which will be released after March 20. However, it is not yet known whether this measure will be implemented in Japan, and even if it does exist, since "Trolls" will be released in Japan in October 2020, we will soon be able to use it at home in the same way as in the United States. It seems unlikely that you can appreciate this work.

If you don't want to go to the theater so much to worry about the virus and the show ends, you'll be grateful for our viewers to have a rental distribution, which gives you more options. However, if you do this, the theater will not attract even more audiences, and it is likely to go to a more severe situation.

As a matter of fact, modern movie theaters have high ventilation performance due to the hall law, and it is not unthinkable that sitting at a certain interval is more secure than waiting at the supermarket cash register. If you have a piece to watch now, it may not be bad to go to the theater with the measures you can take.

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