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U.S. Army expands ban on TikTok use at supply terminals. The Air Force and Coast Guard follow the banned land, navy and marines-Engadget Japan

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Following the U.S. Army, Navy and Marine Corps banning TikTok on already issued mobile devices, the Wall Street Journal reports that the Coast Guard and Air Force will follow suit. This almost completely bans the use of TikTok on US-issued mobile devices. Although this restriction does not apply to personally owned devices, the military recommends that employees and their families uninstall the app.

The Air Force and the Coast Guard who issued the TikTok ban this time have not given a specific reason. But that isBan on other departmentsIt is easy to imagine that this would be the same reason.

Another concern is that TikTok developer ByteDance may be under pressure from the Chinese government to release confidential information, but the company said it had not made such a request in the first half of 2019. “ TikTok's data center is completely out of China, '' “ All U.S. user information is stored in the U.S. and backups are in Singapore, '' said ByteDance US general manager Vanessa Papas.Said last fall.

U.S. Army spokeswoman Major Malinda Singleton states that these issues aren't specific to TikTok but to other social media. Theoretically, the government of a country hostile to the United States could attract people through social networks, extract military confidential information therefrom, or launch some form of attack. The Pentagon says it conducts cyber awareness training every year to educate "what to look out for when posting to public or social media."

Such warnings, which point to specific apps, are rare, but in 2016, the Pentagon issued a notice to staff and inbound and outbound workers that they should not play Pokemon GO on-site. This was due to the fact that a detailed map of defense-related facilities was obtained backwards from Pokemon GO's location data, and there was a concern that information related to confidential information might leak out.


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