U. S. M. H, etc/next week to buy demand

[Next week’s buyers demand [table]]

Code;stocks;stock design;shopping demand;credit ratio;the closing price;the day before ratio <8278> ;The;383%;413900;0.03;1608;-68 <7611> ;High data high;313%;843400;0.07;1631;-100 <3222> ;U. S. M. H;284%;1428300;0.03;855;-35 <9946> ;Ministop;237%;352000;0.04;1433;-18 <7520> ;Eco;197%;111800;0.33;1419;-97 <9982> ;The text hits New York;195%;53600;0.03;1415;-133 <3048> ;BIC Camera;194%;2915300;0.10;953;-36 <9993> ;Map of the world;179%;32300;0.06;1462;-125 <4668> ;Meiko network;144%;239800;0.11;810;-30 <9601> ;Shochiku;133%;112000;0.10;11610;-870 <8038> ;Toto water;123%;7400;0.80;2650;-82 <9994> ;And;113%;30700;0.36;2063;-53 <9052> ;Sanyo Electric;105%;64800;0.16;1918;-72 <6640> ;Dai-ichi Seiko Co., Ltd.,;103%;376800;0.83;1928;-147 <7514> ;Himalayan;100%;48400;0.04;719;-79 <9046> ;God railway;92%;12200;0.11;3895;-5 <3178> ;Chimney;79%;66400;0.17;1897;-142 <6240> ;Tire machine F;73%;378500;0.54;676;-27 <4848> ;Full cast;71%;259000;1.89;1890;-93 <2215> ;First pan;61%;9500;2.14;802;-70


U. S. M. H credit ratio is 1-fold below the selling length of the supply and demand situation is chronic by. However, at the feet of our range 下放 it looking new for sale is piling on. A trend exacerbated by the return to wait for the selling pressure is aware of it. 《FA》

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