U.S. stock market Outlook: 10-12 months earnings focus on

*14:31JST the U.S. stock market Outlook: 10-12 months earnings focus on
This week, China’s Liu Deputy Prime Minister is in Washington now,the US-China trade negotiations of the 1 stage of the agreement with 15 days of signing the prospect as well. Phase 2 after the first of the upcoming talks about some mention that there is a point of interest and so. Also, the major banks, Citigroup(14 days)starting with the 10-12 months ended earnings season enters. Major stock indices record high value area to remain in, it confirms that corporate earnings and prospects that you can check whether the focus would be.

Finance at Citi Group, JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo(14 days),Bank of America and Goldman Sachs(15th), Morgan Stanley(16 days)as of the earnings announcement is scheduled. Other aviation giant-Delta Air Lines(14), the medical insurance United Health(15), a metal giant Alcoa(15 days)as of the earnings announcement is coming. Delta is 20 years 12 months ended profit forecast of year-on-year and we expect strong financial results is not expected.

FactSet’s survey 10 date, the S&P500 constituent stocks of the 2019 4th quarter earnings decreased by 2 percent year-on-year as expected,mainly due to cuts in corporate tax rates received in 2008, earnings growth is at a high level was possible. The closing itself than the next fiscal year and in 2020 generally accepted in the prospect of more emphasis do that.

Economic indicators,12-month consumer price index(14), the 12 producer price index(15th),12 on retail sales(16 days), 12 month import price index(16 day), 1 November NAHB housing market index(16 days), 12 months housing starts and construction permits(17 days)such as the announcement of the coming. On the 15th day of FOMC in the basic data and Beige Book(district Soviet 銀経 already reported)announcement is scheduled.

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