U.S. stock market Outlook: corona virus by investor sentiment deterioration of the followed

*14:41JST the U.S. stock market Outlook: corona virus by investor sentiment deterioration of the followed
Last week’s FOMC Meeting Minutes, The 新型肺炎 the impact of uncertainty, the U.S. economy, despite showing the debate in the mainstream monetary policy, the possibility to change is low and recognition is indicated. Multiple Fed presidents are Corona viruses, and the impact is temporary and indicates the recognition of, and investor sentiment will gradually recover and this is not expected.

22-23 October in Saudi Arabia in Riyadh, the capital of the G20 Finance Ministers and 中銀総裁 meeting is to be held. The new corona virus the expansion of the global economy, the impact will be discussed prospect. The economy of digital content production for international taxation methods and the digital currency through national initiatives also will be discussed, but the Trump is the President of France introduced digital tax US IT companies eyeing was as a retaliatory action suggests, there was a discussion of the contents is likely. China is advancing digital RMB to the attention of the large, Facebook has issued the postponement decision for the virtual currency”public”attention is again strong, not yet.

This week, retail companies of 11-1 on the period closing number of scheduled. The main results are in Department stores of Macy’s(25 October)and JC Penney(27 days), home-center Home・Depot(25 days)and Lowe(26 days), the discount store of TJX(the 26th),consumer electronics retailer Best Buy(27 days)as scheduled. 12 on retail sales of strong content as a Department store for 5 months was negative on the other hand,online sales including non-store retail has grown a lot. Macy is a 3 year restructuring plan was announced, the credit rating Agency Standard and Poors(S&P)the company’s rating to investment ineligible grade lowered, and earnings management strategy for details of the interest will be. Also, last week Kroger to get it is revealed that Berkshire Hathaway Buffett’s annual reports over the weekend will be published at retail and the maximum holdings of Apple about to mention attract attention.

Economic indicators in the 1 February Chicago Fed National Activity Index(24 days), 2 on the Consumer Confidence Index(25th), 1 on new home sales number(26 days),10-12 March GDP revised value(27 days), 1 September durable goods orders(27 days), 1 October personal income and spending(28 days)as scheduled. Durable goods orders, business fixed investment leading indicators and non-defense capital goods orders from the manufacturing sector of the economic trends to see.

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