U.S. stock market Outlook: economic and revenue deterioration face the risk

*14:30JST the U.S. stock market Outlook: economic and revenue deterioration face the risk
Stock Ticker is 2 from the end of 3 at the beginning of April was seen in the panic stage, from the economic blockade affected the economy and corporate profits the impact of the judgment in stage transition. The new corona virus infection epidemic peak is possible, and if the damage is less the state gradually from economic activity to resume likely, and treatment progress can be seen in the market of plastic materials. At the same time, the new corona virus due to the economic blockade affected the economy and corporate profits during the Great Depression since it is said to greatly worsen with realistic face the risk that. Announced last week, the retail and manufacturing business climate index fell across the Board market economist lower-than-expected disastrous result. Historically unprecedented economic blockade by the impact on the economy is unknown,the economy and corporate earnings than expected, and the worse the risk of to note. Vaccine or treatment is formally approved, or nationwide extensive antibody tests have been used, the risk is not mitigated, as long as consumption is a recovery not a recession or revenue decline prolonged the inevitable. The Bank’s capital situation compared with 2008, but it has been reinforced that the FED and government support, despite the most vulnerable companies are finally bankrupt, forced into it,banks also damage and going.

Economic indicators in the 2 November FHFA housing price index(20 day), weekly Initial Jobless Claims(22 May), 4 October Markit Manufacturing PMI(23rd), 3 August new home sales number(23 days), 3 September durable goods orders(24th), 4 November University of Michigan Consumer Confidence Index the determined value (24 days)as scheduled. Second-hand housing and housing market leading indicators and new home sales the number of 3 month also, a significant fall in the alert. On the other hand in weekly jobless claims in the company the dismissal of Page 3 on the last week compared to slowing down the expected.

Corporate earnings, the first, airline Delta(22 days), Southwest Airlines(23 days) American(24 October) announcement is scheduled. Recently, the Ministry of Finance and airline financial support: have agreed,at least the employee 9 month to maintain the policy but,for the time being, the severe management environment can be expected to continue. Video streaming service Netflix(21 days)and online retail of Amazon(24 October), the new coronavirus is affected by a tailwind and caught, the stock record and update the value to. Increased sales, together with what t extent the cost is inflated to the point of interest would be. High-tech is the leading IT services of IBM(20), the semiconductor Texas・the installation plate (21 days) and Intel (23rd), a photo and video sharing app Snap(21 day)such as have the releases. Other asset management of Blackstone(23 October)and card company American Express(24 October),beverage maker Coca・Cola(21 days) and its point(21) and Telecom giant AT&T (22 days) and Verizon (24 days)such earnings are planned. Verizon the other day,a video conference of the network, announced the acquisition of, and corporate business prospects are noted.

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