U.S. stock market Outlook: performance fixes to the announcement of the note

*15:07JST the U.S. stock market Outlook: performance fixes to the announcement of the note
1 November 1(Wed)New Year’s Day holiday in the U.S. stock markets are closed. The rest of the year and the tax saving purpose of buying and selling may be found that although there is a possibility that investors and market participants, a lot of vacation and continued quiet trading is expected. 2 from the day is many market participants return and trading volume, as well as a recovery would come. The new year into 2020 years of personal superannuation, such as to contribution and investment flows and, as of the end of tax measures of the rebound by 1 on the rise and the trend is known. However, at the end of the year of a significant rise in stock prices has received increasingly wary of growing this fact. 1 month 10-12 month period financial results during this period, we refrain from making, performance, modification of the announcement jumped out and the time to enter,you must be careful.

Earnings in the alcoholic beverages of the Constellation・Brands(8 October), the housing construction company of Canada(8th),the drugstore of the Walgreens・Boots・Alliance(8 days), household retail Bed・Bath・and・beyond(8 days)such as have the releases. Bed・Bath・and・beyond, and 6 people of the officers of the retirement announcement of reforms, the new strategy of the announcement to be made from likely.

This week’s economic indicators, the 12 month consumer confidence index(31 days),11 month construction spending(3 days),12 month ISM Manufacturing(3 days)how have the releases of. 3 days to the FOMC release of the minutes has also been scheduled. 11 months of ISM manufacturing is below market expectations, the manufacturing activity for 4 consecutive months shrunk showed. 12 months also weak and have a long way to go to do it. Next week,11 on the trade balance(in 7 days),11 March ISM Non-Manufacturing Index(7 Day), 12 October ADP employment report(8 October), 12 on Friday(10 October), such as the announcement of the planned. Payrolls unemployment rate forecast unchanged and on the other hand,non-farm payrolls growth from the previous month’s decline is expected.

From 7 to 10 days from Las Vegas, is the world’s largest international Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is scheduled to be held still. Each new AI technology and how it is a point of interest and so. Also, in 2020 the launch is expected next-generation game consoles”PlayStation 5″and”Xbox Series X”is either an AMD processor with Outlook. Therefore, AMD is the game field for the new processor’s technical details clearly to be expected. The game other than the PC and server for the new processor or GPU is likely to announce,attention.

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