U.S. stock market Outlook: Powell FED chair’s congressional testimony in focus

*14:58JST the U.S. stock market Outlook: Powell FED chair’s congressional testimony in focus
This week is also a corona virus infection by the expansion of the alarm remains, the stock Ticker is a certain degree of risk to incorporate the considered, the investor the attention of the U.S. economy and monetary policy trends move on it. 11 and 12 in Powell the FED Chairman in testimony before Congress plans to do so. The world economy against the corona virus the effect of the degree of consideration that we want to focus on.
Trump administration has 10 days to submit a plan to 2021 fiscal year budget proposal starting price is bigger possibility. System menu system the financial Secretary a budget proposal to the middle tier for a new tax cut proposal is included, suggesting that the next 2 years by $ 1 trillion deficit expected to said, the Democrats and the conflict is not expected. Also, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)budget increase is expected, and affiliated to aviation and defense・related stocks ransacked it.

Major companies at the closing of the hotel management of the Hilton(11th),coupon group buying site Groupon(11 days), sporting goods manufacturers of the layout(11 days), dispatch services major lift(11 days), a drug benefits management company CVS Health(12), the travel reviews site Trip Advisor(12 days) Network equipment maker Cisco Systems(12th),beverage maker PepsiCo(13), the non-life insurance of AIG(13), the streaming device of(13), the semiconductor of the n bit data(13 days)as of the earnings announcement is scheduled. The other day on Walt Disney’s video distribution service”Disney+”number of subscribers is expected to heavily on the back of these and will sell the streaming device for which demand is expected.

Economic indicators in 1 month consumer price index(13 days), 1 month import price index(14-day),January 1, retail sales(14 days), 1 on industrial production(14 days)how have the releases of. Retail sales in the 11 month, almost unchanged from the be expected, the National Retail Federation(NRF), the feet in no signs of recession seen last year and the uncertainty is low and recognition of shows,20 years of retail sales were generally steady growth expected.

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