U.S. stock market Outlook: the FOMC is scheduled to be held

*14:27JST the U.S. stock market Outlook: the FOMC is scheduled to be held
12 May 10-11 days to be held in the FOMC(Federal Open Market Committee)to assess and speculation from the week is a small move and the. Last week’s employment report is solid content, and the U.S. economy softened from the interest rate cuts of the possibility is almost zero,the authorities of the interest rate maintenance policy, Reaffirming that deployment would be. Also, the US-China consultation on the trend of attention.

Economic indicators in the 11 month Consumer Price Index(11 November),11 producer price index(PPI)(12 days), 11 month import price index(13th),11 October retail sales(13 days)how have the releases of. The National Retail(NRF), according to the 11 month 28 days of Thanksgiving from 12 September-2 October in retail stores and online shoppers last year, about 14%above the level it was. Spending the 16% increase was recorded. This is a video from the Christmas period last year and 6 days short, the consumer is a year sooner than shopping for we not with impatience there. 11 August retail sales also registered high growth can be expected.

Individual companies in Auto Parts retail AutoZone(10 days), video games retail, Game Stop(10 days),apparel American・Eagle・Outfitters(11 days) graphics software of Adobe Systems(12), the semiconductor of the network(12), the source(12 days) A membership-based wholesale ‘ choice(12 days)as of the earnings announcement is scheduled. Adobe Systems,the previous results in the 8-10 month period of sales and the number of shares and earnings prospects are both below expectations and requires attention. Costco in-store customer stampede by the temporary stores close to the situation said the Shanghai store trends to watch.

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