U.S. stock market Outlook: the new corona virus trends

*15:03JST the U.S. stock market Outlook: the new corona virus trends
The new corona virus infection damage around the world expanding, the world economy slowed to a sense of vigilance is further growing. Several of US corporate earnings Outlook revised down, such as investor sentiment of risk appetite attitude is receding. China and Japan and other neighboring countries is a political decision based on the large response from the economic activity is larger atrophy, and short-term earnings impact, is an inevitable situation. However, the 2003 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome(SARS)and the 2009 pandemic flu of past cases, given the prolonged stock market decline is a necessity. Other,Greek crisis, public support, the presidential election and other events by stock price fluctuations,the enterprise value in the most not affected. About the new corona virus infection spread of convergence is unknown, but at the feet of the stock price level is very undervalued in the buying opportunity can.

10-12 month GDP revised values are preliminary unchanged from the expected contents, but private consumption is revised down from the US economic momentum is slowing as indicated. In the future, the new corona virus due to the economy, the adverse effects can manifest, considering the FED(U.S. Federal Reserve)also add interest rate cuts given the will.

Economic indicators in the 2 October Markit U.S. manufacturing PMI(2 Days), 1 month construction spending(2 December), 2 March ISM Manufacturing(2 Days),2 March ADP Employment Report(4 days),2 months ISM non-manufacturing business climate index(4 days),1 month manufacturing orders(5 days), 1 month trade balance(6th),2 on Friday(6 November)as scheduled. Payrolls unemployment rate 3. 6%remained unchanged in the non-farm payrolls month-to-month 16 million increase expected. Also, the FOMC(Federal Open Market Committee)of the basic materials that the district take 銀経 date report(Beige Book)also released on the 4th will be.

Corporate earnings, auto parts Retail, Auto Zone, (3), and a corporate hardware・services business of Hewlett・Packard・Enterprise(3 days),and free of the target(3 days)and Dollar Tree(4 days),Department stores of Kohl’s and Nordstrom(3 days) Apparel American Eagle Outfitters(4 days), food retail Kroger(5 days),membership-based wholesale ‘ choice(5 days)as scheduled. Kroger, the Warren Buffett-led investment company Berkshire Hathaway is a 10-12 month period New acquired by the and attention from it.

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