Uber announces contactless delivery service "Uber Connect" and "Uber Direct" that deliver packages to family and friends

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Uber announces contactless delivery service "Uber Connect" and "Uber Direct" that deliver packages to family and friends

Due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), the number of people who are banned from going out or refraining from going out is increasing, and demand for delivery services is rapidly increasing. With the popularity of “Uber Eats” delivering food from restaurants increasing, Uber now delivers products from pharmacies and retail stores.Uber Direct”, And undertakes parcel delivery between individuals.Uber ConnectWas announced.

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Uber Direct is based on the service "Uber Rush" that Uber started in 2016 and can hire "Hikyaku" for several hundred yen. Uber Rush ended its service in 2018, and its knowledge will be inherited by Uber Eats, but the service started as Uber Direct again due to the epidemic of COVID-19.

“ Uber Rush '' that anyone can hire a personal “ hikyaku '' with a smartphone for several hundred yen-GIGAZINE

Uber Direct is a service that delivers over-the-counter drugs from pharmacies, parcels from post offices, pet supplies, etc. on demand from retail stores to ordinary households. At the time of writing the article, services are provided in New York, Australia, Portugal, and delivery of goods will be done without contact.

On the other hand, Uber Connect is a service that delivers goods from person to person. This allows you to log in to your existing Uber app and deliver packages to friends and family. As shown below, in addition to "UberX" and "Comfort" for requesting a vehicle dispatch, the option "Connect" is displayed on the Uber app screen. Uber Connect makes it easy to send toilet paper to a friend who is in trouble, or give a game to a child who is stressed out by going out.

At the time of writing the article, Uber Connect is said to be deployed in 25 cities such as America, Australia and Mexico. Lyft, which is also a car dispatch service, is a must-have item for food and clothing on behalf of government agencies, non-profit organizations, companies, and medical institutions.Delivery has started.

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