Uber introduces “ non-urgent '' issue reporting in U.S. and other countries

A new feature that allows passengers who feel danger or discomfort at Uber to inform the driver "in casually" seems to be available in the United States and Canada on February 19, US time. Some drivers claim that an unfair system is bornOn the topicare doing.


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新 This new feature allows you to be notified when a passenger feels it is not urgent but unsafe. Uber cites examples such as "sudden braking", "improper remarks", and "drivers are not using smartphone holders".911 call functionThere is also].

If a passenger reports a non-urgent issue, a member of the Uber safety team will handle the driver after the ride is over.

ド ラ イ バ ー Some drivers are worried that this feature will report passenger misunderstandings, which could damage records. He also believes that Uber will offer discounts if passengers are not satisfied with the service, and fears that the system could be abused, such as exaggerating or making up frustration. When CNET contacted Uber, the question about discounts wasn't answered.

Uber explained that the boarding reporting feature removes the barrier of having to report non-urgent issues and allows passengers to report in real time when the event is “ most important ''. ing. A Uber spokeswoman told CNET that Uber would wait for passengers to exit the car before scrutinizing the call and responding to the driver. Uber will not reveal which passengers are complaining when working with the driver.

BerTracey Breeden, Uber's head of women's safety,Blog posts“ Our research shows that passengers may not always report distressed or anxious experiences when traveling is over, '' he said, “ any feedback received. To help create a more secure platform for everyone. "

This article is from overseas CBS InteractivearticleWas edited by Asahi Interactive for Japan.

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