Uber tests ride booking via phone-now available on feature phones

Uber Technologies' dispatch service will be available in the future without a smartphone. The company said it is piloting a new service in Arizona that will allow people using only feature phones to book rides. This service was originally targeted at the elderly, but anyone can use it.

The text "Uber" on your smartphone

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利用 To use the service, dial 1-833-USE-UBER. Uber then connects the caller to a human operator, who reserves the ride. It works the same as a taxi.

Uber explained that he developed this function based on feedback from the elderly. Elderly people have said that booking a ride is much easier if they can talk to humans. Passengers can use the phone's reservation feature to arrange all services, from Uber's cheap dispatching services to luxury cars and wheelchair accessible vehicles. There is no additional charge for using the service. The service is intended for people who only have a feature phone, but people who use smartphones can also use it.

で も Even with this new phone booking feature, operators will use the same technology as the Uber app to pass on estimated rates to passengers. The passenger will then receive an SMS text with information on the expected time of arrival [ETA], the driver's name and the vehicle's license plate. When you get off, a receipt is sent with a new message.

According to a Uber spokeswoman, the company plans to extend the service to other states in the United States in the coming months.

This article is from overseas CBS InteractivearticleWas edited by Asahi Interactive for Japan.

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