Ultra-high-density metallic glass using a special synthesis method realized in the Graduate School of research

In recent years, a metal of excellent strength to have like a glass precision molding can be a”metal glass”, but the research has been focused. But it is always pressure under control, and the analysis is done for glass from the crystal to the changes quickly, and its real figure and were not clear. Meanwhile, Tohoku University and NIMs, a joint research group 15, the metallic glass by high pressure heat treatment of the new characteristics discovered and announced.

【Here】Tohoku,the transparent bending in solar cell power generation efficiency is the world’s highest performance

Research Group, the metallic glass at high pressure by performing the heat treatment, the glass State from the crystal to change the prevention approach. It from rapidly quenched to the glass State under normal pressure in the sample recovered of the design.

Usually if the pressure in the glass State than in a crystalline state is stable,slowly and cool slowly to a crystalline state to change. But quenching the glass from a crystal to change before the cold hardens you.

Such a control method is, for example, Japanese swords such as the production of similarly that. A sword in The Shape of the mold when the hot iron hit after quenching is performed. This is quenched by heat at the time of the special crystal structure but still keep returning to room temperature for you. This special crystal structure by high-strength sword is made of.

The obtained metallic glass sample is significantly higher densities singular state that the results of the measurement revealed. Or mechanical strength,it is the crystallization of the metallic glass is higher than that know. From these, we obtained state is crystallized by only can”未見 Of Glass”and the research group says.

Next, the metallic glass State or structure, such as a detailed survey plan to do the metal glass is not limited to the glass material of the research and important findings is given and expected.

The results of research,2019 年 12 月 6 date of NPG Asia Materials online edition of the Journal have been published.

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