Umemiya Anna and her eldest daughter go to the US

Talent Anna Umemiya [47] reported that he was planning to travel to the United States with his eldest daughter, who was planning to go to college, but was unable to go because of the new coronavirus.

Umemiya renewed his Instagram on the 24th and posted a two-shot with his beloved daughter, saying that "the time to be with her love is getting shorter." "Momoka is going to the United States in August, but no one knows in this world. We were supposed to be in New York this time, but we could still go Was not. "

"I was ready in the United States to get a driver's license and open a bank account," she said, saying she was leaving the United States for her eldest daughter's new life. . " "The school has entered the spring break. When the break is over, online classes will start again." He said, "Whether Japanese schools should introduce and strengthen online classes .. Though it is a developed country." .

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