Umemiya Anna, photo release of memories with his late father Ikuo

Talent Umemiya Anna [47] has released a photo of his memories with his father, Ikuo Umemiya.

Anna updated Instagram on the 13th. I haven't posted any text, but I uploaded several photos, including two-shots I took with my father when I was a child and photos of my family.

In this post, the model Amika commented, “I think it will be hard because there are many memories of my family, but I will always be with you because my dad is watching over me. , Noriko Maeda said, “Anna-chan. I loved Umenomiya Papa, who is kind, cool, and full of family love. I love all the wonderful photos. I wish you all the best for your father.”

Anna updated her blog about 11:30 pm on the 12th, just 16 hours after the death of Tatsuo-san. “Now, I ca n’t find the right words. , I thought it took a little time to speak reasonably well … I hope I could have a little time … Once I was able to sort out my feelings, I would like to have an interview about these days that were incredible I think. ”

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